Forum and Social Network Built with Laravel and the T.A.L.L. stack!

SocialApparatus is a free forum/social networking script built using Laravel™ and the T.A.L.L. stack. The T.A.L.L. stack consists of Tailwind, AlpineJS, Livewire, and Laravel.

SocialApparatus is completely open source, and collaboration is welcome! If you have any code to contribute, feel free to visit our GitHub!


SocialApparatus is packed with features, and we're constantly adding new ones.

SocialApparatus is a complete website with quite a few features; such as a forum, friends, profiles, posts, comments, likes, cover photos, and avatars.

More features coming soon!



SocialApparatus is primarily a forum. The forum comes with likes, and comments functionality.



Every user gets a profile. You get a profile, you get a profile... Profiles come with feeds, about me, and other stuff.



We know settings are boring, but they are very important. SocialApparatus extends the default Laravel settings, adding cover photos, notification preferences, and other things.